The palmito is a vegetable of easy digestion and with low fat content; also, it stands out for being low in calories, which is excellent to include in your diet if you want to reduce measures.

The Palmito, that food that melts in your mouth apart from being delicious, is extremely nutritious. That is why the French love it, being the number one consumer in the world of this vegetable.

Besides being obviously exquisite, both in its production process and in its subsequent consumption, it has a lot of nutritional benefits that are worth knowing and highlighting.

The nutritional properties of heart of palm benefit you like this:

Potassium, potassium contributes to the regularization of all cellular functions including those of the heart, nervous system and muscles.

Vitamin B6, helps maintain the nervous system.

Copper, essential for the bones, tendons, connective tissue and vascular system to develop and be in perfect condition.

Zinc, accelerates the healing of wounds, and helps the digestion of proteins.

Phosphorus, favors the maintenance of the brain.

Vitamin C, is important for the maintenance of the body’s defenses.

Riboflavin, intervenes in the production of red blood cells.

Iron, the lack of iron in the body can lead to body weakness, pale skin or habitual fatigue.

Fiber, the palmito is a source of soluble fiber which is important because it balances cholesterol and blood glucose levels, helps to prevent colon cancer and also helps regulate intestinal transit.

The palm hearts are a really healthy food that is worth including in the diet even sporadically.

Try them in salads, sautéed vegetables, pizza and other salty foods since it combines very well with cold cuts, vegetables and rice among others.



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