Ecuador is the world's leading exporter, from the palm heart

The association of palmito APAE  is a  organization of legal personality since 2009. Currently has 300 hectares of palm heart cultivation, has 42 partners.

About us

Our objective is to commercialize in many consumer countries worldwide.

For which we have great faith and commitment in the development and scope of quality.

In this year we are firmly determined to the industrialization of Palmito.

It is located in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, Province of Orellana, Canton la Joya de los Sachas.

We are currently driven to enter the industry since our sales depended on the intermediate processors

hectares of production of palm hearts

The Association is aimed at demanding consumers who seek to satisfy their taste.

..and enjoy the benefits of a fresh, natural and sophisticated product. Our goal is to generate added value to our product.

which is why we are conducting research, innovation and development of derivative products, we have the state and private support to achieve it.

In this year we are firmly determined to the industrialization of Palmito, looking for new alternatives.

convinced that the export is our way we offer quality product, for which we commit ourselves with all our clients to satisfy their demands.

Our mission

To be a worldwide recognized brand of hearts of palm.